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  • Attorney ServicesForensic Counseling for Attorneys
  • Services to Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Seniors
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Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC

Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC is an outpatient mental health clinic located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 


For appointments call: 715-833-7111 

1. Provides services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

      a. Individual Counseling

      b. Family/Couples therapy

      c. Psychological assessments

      d. Neuropsychological assessments

      e. Alcohol and other drug abuse/dependency services

2. Forensic evaluations completed by Dr. Stress. Please view Dr. Stress's Vita.

3. Professional and self-referrals accepted and appreciated.

4. Most insurance companies accepted. Please call to verify benefits with your insurance company.

The Divorce Support Hotline provides individuals immediate access to a Coach (i.e. counselor or psychologist) to problem solve or for emotional support when an individual may be feeling confused, alone, angry, depressed, anxious and etc.

* The Divorce Support Hotline is a free service to your county.
* There is a $1.99 per minute charge to the client which will be disclosed/discussed at the initiation of any interaction.
* The caller determines how long they want to talk to the professional.
* The Divorce Support Hotline does not address legal issues.
* If you or a client would like to learn more about The Divorce Support Hotline or Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC view the
information on our website or call: Dr. Stress & Associates, LLC at 715-833-7111.


Please Call: 715-271-3281 to contact professionals on The Divorce Support Hotline
Schedule: Monday through Friday: 11:00am to 10:00pm CST

Dr. Stress’s Forensic Consulting Service - Dr. Stress is available to consult with lawyers related to any psychological questions about a specific case including, but not limited to:

     1. Whether or not it would be beneficial to complete a forensic psychological examination for any legal purpose
    (i.e. “NGI,” guardianship, psychosexual risk assessment, mental health diagnosis and treatment, custody, parental fitness, homicide evaluations, etc.)

    a. Provide assistance related to psychological issue related to a specific case.

    b. Formulate specific questions that may be addressed with a forensic psychological examination.

    2. Examine completed psychological reports for specific strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Assist with the development of questions for testimony.

    4. Any other question you may have related to psychology and the legal system.


    Call: 715-833-7111
    To talk to or schedule a consulting appointment with Dr. Stress

Our Services

Provides Services to:
• Children,
• Adolescents,
• Adults
• Seniors

Services provided:

• Outpatient Psychological Assessments
• Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services
• Forensic Psychology Assessments
• Psychological Consultations
• Counseling 1 to 1
• Group Counseling

Areas of Assessment

picture• ADHD
• Bi-Polar
• Depression
• Anxiety Disorders
• Mental Retardation
• Alcohol or Drug Abuse
• Schizophrenia
• Mental Illness Issues
• Learning Disorders
• Conduct Disorders

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